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& create stylish designs
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Feeling lost in the world of photo editing software?

Want to make personalized picture gifts fast and easily?

Here’s a solution for special occasions and everyday use!

Photo Design Studio is a creative photo software suite that offers you five applications for editing and decorating pictures. Smart crops for balanced compositions, stylish frames and masks will help you achieve almost any artistic effect, while 350+ themed templates will turn your photos into dashing slideshows, calendars and collages.

  • Fast and Easy Photo Editing
    • enjoy intuitive interface
    • learn with photo editing tutorials
    • one-tap automatic image enhancement
    • adjust brightness, contrast, and saturation
    • all the essentials for photo retouching
  • Artistic Tools for Funky Pictures
    • 100+ instant creative effects
    • built-in gallery of images and cliparts
    • tons of frames, masks and filters
    • monthly and yearly calendars with your photos
    • themed collages, greeting cards and invitations
  • Engaging Slideshow Creation
    • turn your photos into dynamic movies
    • make travel, wedding, birthday slideshows
    • set the mood with proper music tracks
    • awesome collection of slide themes and templates
    • captivating transitions, titles and animations
    • slideshows for web, mobile devices, TV, etc.
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5 applications in the suiteWhat’s inside Photo Design Studio?
  1. Photo Art Studio

    Need an easy-to-use tool for photo editing? Photo Art Studio that comes as a part of this сreative photo software suite includes a handful of functions necessary for editing digital pictures, like automatic enhancement, rotation, crop, adding captions and embellishments. With this piece of software, even a beginner will be able to beautifully edit photos in a few minutes, and proudly share them with friends or family members!

  2. Photo Effects Studio

    While other programs make it hard to create a desired effect, this tool offers a set of artistic filters that are incredibly easy to use. Popular effects like old photo, fisheye or montage are at your full disposal. If you want to try something new, though, play with such unique filters as poker-work and cubism. With the help of Photo Effects Studio you’ll give your photos the look of a pencil drawing, mosaic, engraving and book illustration. Add fantastic glows and fog, generate the effects of rain, snow, lightning and even a starry night in a flash.

  3. Photo Collage Maker

    Turning your photos into stunning collages has never been easier! With this image merging application, you can make dozens of eye-catching posters, personalized photo albums, exquisite scrapbooks, lovely greeting cards, and much more. 100+ ready-made templates and layouts along with numerous editing tools will give your pictures a new glam look, and even transform them into one-of-a-kind wallpapers.

  4. Photo Calendar Creator

    It may come as quite a surprise, but creating professional-looking calendars with your personal photos can be fun and incredibly easy. Whether you want a pocket, desk, wall or booklet calendar for a month or the whole year, you can make your designs using this calendar making application. Choose from many sets of holidays or mark your own special days, and treat your family, friends and business partners to the best customized gifts!

  5. SmartSHOW

    Done editing photos? Why not make a themed slideshow out of refined images? SmartSHOW included into this creative photo software suite provides you with a wide variety of ready-to-go slideshow templates, animated transitions, motion and artistic effects to combine pictures and turn them into a seamless slideshow. After picking the music best-suited to the occasion, you can save your life’s memorable moments in form of spectacular movies on your iPad, TV, or Facebook page.

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What our customers say aboutPhoto Design Studio
Daniela Gonzalez

I came across this website while searching for an easy-to-use photo editor to make a happy birthday card for my boyfriend. He’s had his fair share of cards and I decided to give him a more original gift. You know, some men are just too hard to please, but not this time! As it turned out, the applications included into the suite have just enough editing functions to tweak photos to something more perfect, and then insert them into gorgeous frames. Thanks to Photo Collage Maker, I created the cutest card ever and made my boyfriend beam at the gift!

Joan Mitchell

The software suite immediately caught my eye when I began looking for slideshow makers, and I thought it’s something I could master. Thanks to SmartSHOW, I put together a video greeting card for my granddaughter’s birthday party. Everyone raved about how professional and unique the slideshow turned out. I was actually quite pleased with it and can’t wait for another occasion to create one more! Now I’m getting into other applications as well, and I must say these programs are great for someone like me who don’t know where to start.

Peter Chen

Anyone who knows me well knows that working for the college magazine means the world to me. I’m pursuing journalism, and take a great pleasure in writing articles. Photo editing isn’t my first priority, but I know the impact a great photo makes on readers. Photo Design Studio has armed me with a wide range of tools and adjustments one’d need, like color filters, light effects, text styles, gradients, and much more. What else to say – it saves me time and makes my job easier!

Miranda Fischer

My dad ordered this suite for me when I told him I’d like to take a fling at graphic design. I hardly noticed how this hobby became something more. I’m still a newbie to the field of design, but I’m more than willing to learn new techniques and photo editing tips. With Adobe’s prices insanely high, these applications turned out really helpful. One day I’ll be a designer, and the experience I’ve gained so far will be of great value. For now, the calendar I made myself hangs on the wall and inspires me to be even more creative.

Samantha Jordan

When my best friend became a mommy, I knew for sure that she and her sweet boy deserved a special gift! I got my hands on every photo taken during her pregnancy, the baby shower party and the first days spent with her little treasure. What I’ve got is a cute slideshow that looks much better than tons of postcards bought in a supermarket. I’m looking forward to creating more mementos of her motherhood. Maybe one day I’ll funk up the photos of my own child the same way!

Ted Marshall

As an avid traveler and active blogger I face the challenge of retouching photos every single day. If you post pictures on Instagram, you should always think about the ways to make them the right size and keep their colors bright enough. Photo Effects and Photo Art Studio are surprisingly capable and useful tools. The focus is on ease of use, and there’s a definite tendency towards photo editing rather than artistic creation. All in all, this suite is a great alternative to more sophisticated but hard-to-master apps for photo editing.